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HFA issues mechanical licenses that are valid for products manufactured and distributed in the U.S., and its territories and possessions, ONLY. Under the U.S. Copyright Act, if you are manufacturing product outside of the U.S and distributing in the U.S and its territories and possessions, you will need to obtain an import license.

With respect to licensees located outside of the U.S., there is a distinction between the licenses that are available for the reproduction of physical products, such as CDs, versus digital reproductions (permanent digital downloads, interactive streams, limited downloads, and ringtones).

Because of this distinction, a foreign licensee of digital reproductions can get mechanical licenses from HFA in order to distribute those digital reproductions in the U.S., regardless of the country in which the computer server transmitting the digital reproductions is located.

To obtain an import license, you must become an HFA licensee. If you want to manufacture and distribute product outside the U.S., you need to contact the foreign society within the country in which you will be manufacturing and distributing the product. For a list of foreign societies and the territories they represent, click here.

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