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The HFA website provides answers to commonly asked questions about mechanical licensing and other related inquiries.

If we affiliate with HFA for representation throughout the world, can HFA collect royalties from any record company anywhere?

HFA only issues mechanical licenses to record companies in the United States. However, HFA does maintain reciprocal representation agreements with affiliated foreign collecting societies and the territories they represent. This provides collection and monitoring services to HFA-represented publishers in these territories. Click here for a list of the foreign societies and the territories that they represent.

Does HFA have representation in every country of the world?

HFA maintains relations with over 30 Foreign mechanical licensing societies representing most of the world's major music markets. Click here for a list of the foreign societies and the territories that they represent.

How can I notify HFA about foreign activity involving my repertoire?

You will need to submit an online Notification of Foreign Activity form to HFA. Click here for the Instructions for the Notification of Foreign Activity. For further instructions on executing this form, send an email to publisherservices@harryfox.com.

What happens after I provide a completed Notification of Foreign Activity form and return it to HFA?

The form is reviewed by HFA's client relations department and then logged into your client file. Finally, it is forwarded to the appropriate societies.

How often are foreign royalties paid to HFA?

It depends on the territory and the affiliated publishers. Although some societies distribute mechanical royalties on a quarterly basis, most societies distribute either semi-annually or annually.

Does collection in foreign territories cost more?

Yes. The foreign society's commission rate is deducted, as well as HFA's commission.

Is the mechanical royalty rate in foreign countries the same as that of the United States?

No. The U.S. statutory rate does not apply to recordings manufactured outside of the United States and royalty rates in foreign territories are typically established through industry regulation and/or government regulation in those territories. In most territories, the royalty rate is a percentage of the record companies' PPD (Published Price to Dealer) for a particular recording, with the per-track royalty determined on a pro-rata basis according to the number of copyrighted compositions contained on the recording.

Can the foreign societies with an established relationship with HFA collect royalties on past releases?

It depends on the territory involved and the length of time that has elapsed. Although it may be possible in certain instances for some societies to collect "retroactive" payments, statutes of limitations vary from territory to territory. It is best to notify HFA as soon as possible following the release of your music on foreign-made recordings.

What is the commission rate for foreign royalties?

Foreign societies deduct commissions ranging from 5 to 20% before remitting royalties to HFA. HFA's commission is then deducted before distribution to the publisher. Click here for HFA's Commission Rates.

Does HFA undertake royalty examinations in foreign territories?

No. HFA only examines record companies and other entities to which it issues licenses. Since HFA does not generally issue licenses to foreign record companies, HFA instead relies on its affiliated foreign representatives to undertake such examinations.

Can HFA assist me in resolving ownership disputes against foreign record companies or publishers?

Disputes in foreign territories are typically resolved by the foreign societies in accordance with their established practices. HFA will act as a Liaison for Disputes and Counterclaims between its clients and the foreign societies. HFA's services include the coordination of the exchange of correspondence and documentation that the society might request as part of its determination.

Does HFA offer advances against foreign mechanical royalty collections?


Does HFA take care of performance rights collections, too?

HFA collects and distributes royalties only for mechanical rights both in the US and internationally. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC administer performing rights on a worldwide basis by virtue of their own networks of reciprocal representation agreements.

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