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Song data powers today’s digital music marketplace. To maximize your licensing and royalties opportunities, it is very important that you register all your songs with HFA.

Not an HFA affiliate?
We still encourage you to register your songs with HFA. Many leading U.S. digital music distributors engage HFA’s rights management service, Rumblefish, to handle the royalty payment process for them. Registering your songs with HFA enables us to identify your songs and to pay you royalties that you may earn. Rumblefish clients include many of the largest digital streaming services in the U.S.

When you register your songs with HFA, regardless of whether or not you are an HFA affiliate, we work to link them with recording data in our database covering millions of sound recordings distributed in the U.S. The resulting links help to enable licensing and royalty payment for uses of songs by HFA's Rumblefish clients, which include leading, high-volume streaming services.

Register your songs, along with recording data such as Artist Name, Album Title, and ISRC, using one of our standard formats:
  • Common Works Registration (CWR) – An industry standard for the bulk submission of composition information. For more information on submitting via CWR, email
  • eSong® – HFA’s proprietary system for registering compositions
  • eSong® Bulk - HFA’s solution for high-volume registrations for publishers that are not CWR-enabled (Excel formatted template).

To register your songs, you must set up an HFA Online Account (having an Online Account does not affiliate you).
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